Differens Magazine was founded 2020 by Therese Lager and Amanda Winberg.


Amanda Winberg

Amanda Winberg is a master student in Cultural History and Theory at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Her philosophical interests span over early modern philosophy, German idealism, critical theory and theories of difference.

Astrid Elander

Astrid Elander is studying a master’s degree in literature at Stockholm University. She has a background in continental philosophy where her main interests concerned metaphysics and philosophy of language.


Johannes Stenlund

Johannes Stenlund is a journalist, currently working at Kvartal. He has previously studied theoretical philosophy at Uppsala University, where he was mainly interested in epistemology and philosophy of language. He also holds master’s degrees in political science (University of York) and investigative journalism (University of Gothenburg).

Ale Låke

Ale Låke is a translator, cultural critic and essayist. He holds a master’s degree in philosophy from Freie Universität Berlin and a bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies from University of Gothenburg. His main theoretical interests concern critical theory, psychoanalysis and the climate crisis.

Klara Hjorth

Klara Hjorth is a master’s student in Political Science at Lund University. Her interests include public administration theory and Critical Theory.

Lapo Lappin

Lapo Lappin is a student in theoretical philosophy at the University of Uppsala. His main interests are metaphysics and biopolitics. He has co-edited the volume Filosofi och pandemi, based on interviews with Swedish philosophers on the pandemic, and his writing has been featured in Sans, Kvartal, Signum and other outlets.

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Niklas Kuckeland

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Amanda Winberg, sadly